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Mortal Kombat X Crucial Tips to Execute the Fatalities/Brutalities

 * Before anything, you should keep in mind that, timing is everything. If you press/hold the keys too early or too late, the move you embark to do will not work!

* Moreover, certain conditions might be required to be able to execute some moves-  in particular brutalities.

* Each fighter has 3 variations. This means, each fighter can perform specific moves only possible to that variation.

* Each variation is displayed by diverse icons and highlighted in gold, unlike normal moves shown in pure white. 


*  Fatalities do not require you to unlock them. Meaning, they come already unlocked. As long as you make the correct key presses at the correct time, you should be able to perform them easily.

* However, each brutality will have some conditions before being performed. Otherwise, it will not work!

   Such  example is,  for Kitana, connecting 3 rising fans during the game. Final hit must be bla bla bla. This means, unless you do 3 rising fans move, even you execute the final hit correctly, the specific brutality will not be achieved.

* Another crucial thing about brutalities is unless you perform them and the requirements by luck during key presses, you have to unlock them from the Krypt. 

  This means, 

  to be able to pull of any brutality;

      a) either you have to unlock them and see what requirements they do have by having a look at the move list of each fighter. 

      b) perform them without knowing and just by luck. 


*  The most significant thing to be able to pull off the moves is UTILIZING THE SUPER METER correctly. 

 The Super meter consists of three parts. The first part once it is filled  (either when you take damage or apply combos, blocks etc over opponent)  will allow you do an enhanced version of a move. Once you do the enhanced version of a move, the body of your fighter will glow white indicating they are doing the enhanced version. Each time you properly execute an enhanced version of a move, one bar will be depleted.  The second part allows you break a combo. Each time you properly do that, two bars will be depleted. The last part is the xray. This can be achieved when you fill all the bars and let you do a gigantic move comprised of several combos. It consumes all the bars.

 *Brutalities can be done in Two Player Mode or Player vs Player Mode. They can not be done in Practice unlike Fatalities. Though, in Practice, Fatalities allowed you to execute are limited and only the first ones for each fighter.

* Most brutalities also will ask from you to perform the enhanced version of a normal move or a combo and each enhanced version will demand you to press the block key “at the same time with” the specific move/combo.  The key point here is, you have to press the block key “simultaneously” with the move/combo, not after them. Otherwise the enhanced version will not work!

 * But the enhanced version of any move also requires you to fill “at least” one single bar on the super meter which lies at the bottom left of the screen. Therefore, even though you really make the correct key presses, UNLESS you haven’t filled “at least” only single bar out of three, the enhanced version will not be made.

* Apart from all stuff i mentioned above,  some brutalities will ask you to move the opponent or (make them hit you) in order for you to execute the certain brutality.Otherwise, it will not work!

    For instance, a brutality can only be done at Kitana’s Royal Storm Variation requires a reflect move. This means, unless you get hit by an opponent, you will not be able to do the reflect move. 


  Sonya’s xray, Garrote parry.  For this, if you just press the proper keys at the correct time without getting struck by the opponent, Sonya will only release a pink smoke and laugh. Instead, you get to make the rival hit Sonya, once she presses the buttons needed for xray. Likewise in Garrote Parry. If you do not let the opponent hit you during this, all Sonya will do is executing the move to the emptiness, rather than grabbing the single arm of them which is the correct move.

 For PC players,

 a few more additional tips could be useful,

1)  Assign the block key to a slot on the keyboard which you could be able to hit at the correct time with the specific move. I assigned it to Space for example.

2) Not sure how much it affected the possibility of doing each move but, from the Controller Settings, you could change Release Check, Alternate Control and Input Shortcuts to the exact opposite status of the default. However, i only recommend you change the last two. 

3) If your PC does not handle the game very well, something tricky could seem beneficial while doing each brutalities or fatalities. Normally, it is pretty hard to execute some of them when the game flows fast. but you can slow the game down by alt-tabbing to the desktop just before doing the move and then alt-tab back to the game. It will slow the game down which let you pull any move off far easier.

I was quite frustrated about not being able to execute the several moves of Sonya. But after a long trial, i realised that most of her moves require a reaction from the opponent.

Such as 1) Her Xray ; If you press the correct buttons to do the Xray while the opponent is completely idle, what all Sonya do is releasing a pink smoke in the air and laugh. However, in order to make the move properly, while pressing the relevant buttons belonging to Sonya, you also have to press any punch or kick button of the opponent.

          2) Garrote's Parry, it was rather odd that in any videos regarding this case i have ever watched, the opponent was seeming to be idle during garrote's parry. But, if the enemy goes idle, Sonya just does the move to the emptiness without interacting the enemy. To do the move as it should be, again the punch or kick button will do the trick at the same time with Sonya executing Garrote's parry and extensions.

        3) Air grab: While Sonya is doing this move in the air, you have to make the opponent jump as well. Otherwise, again Sonya will grab the emptiness and does not sit on the enemy's neck  
       Concerning my Special moves questions, first of all, i assigned the "block" to a different key on the keyboard which will allow me comfortably execute the special move without dropping. I assigned it to Spacebar. and i learned that each special move needs one of the bars out of three to be filled. While spacebar assigned, i also know that the block button must be pressed NOT AFTER the required buttons but simultaneously with them.

MK X - [FIX] Low FPS Issues? Fix them now! (Laptops included)

1. Press Windows button + R
2. Type "%AppData%" and press enter
3. Find MK10 Folder and find 'options.ini'
4. Open options.ini and change these things to these values:
SSAO = false
DepthOfField = false
MotionBlur = false
Bloom = false
ParticleDensity = 0
Antialiasing = NONE
Anisotropy = 0
Texture_Quality = 4294967295
Shadow_Quality = 4294967295

(Fyi, Texture_Quality and Shadow_Quality of 4294967295 is the lowest quality possible. Value of 1 is the highest quality.)

5. Right-click your 'options.ini' file and go to properties and change it to 'read only' once you made these changes
(Note: Going to 'PC video' settings makes you crash. To change settings again, delete 'options.ini'. Running MKX will make you a new options.ini. You can now go to 'PC video' settings and change settings again.)
6. Change resolution in-game (increase fps by lowering resolution to desired fps)
7. Switch to windowed mode in-game (fullscreen mode stutters because of vsync)

****************FOR LAPTOPS****************
If you have dual GPUs (Intel GPU + GeForce GTX M Series), then MKX detection of your dedicated GPU could be an issue:

Unlike some other games, this game detects your hardware through DirectX Diagnostic Tool. In most cases, this tool only detects the intel GPU. Hence why the game tries to run it on the intel GPU.




1. Open Nvidia Control Panel
2. Go to 'Manage 3D Settings'
3. Click on 'Global Settings' Tab
4. Go to 'Preferred graphics processor:' and select your GeForce GTX M Series
(Do NOT put it on 'Auto-select' or MKX will not detect your dedicated GPU)
5. Go to 'Program Settings' Tab and find 'mk10.exe'
6. change 'Vertical Sync' to 'off'

Note: Going to 'Program Settings' tab and changing the GPU for 'mk10.exe' does NOT seem to work for some people. Make sure you change your GLOBAL GPU!…

*  Romance (1999, Fr.) (aka Romance X)

*   Room in Rome (2010, Sp.) (aka Habitación en Roma)

*   Sea of Love (1989)

*   Secretary (2002)

*   Sex & Lucia (2001, Sp.) (aka Lucía y el sexo)

*    sex, lies, and videotape (1989)

*   Shakespeare in Love (1998)

*  Shortbus (2006)

*   Showgirls (1995)

*   Sirens (1993, Australia/UK)

*   Sliver (1993)

*   The Story of O (1975, Fr./W.Germ./Can.) (aka Histoire d'O)

*   Summer Lovers (1982)

*   Swimming Pool (2003, Fr./UK)

*    10 (1979)

*    Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990, Sp.) (aka Atame!)

*    Titanic (1997)

*    Two Moon Junction (1988)

*    The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)

*    Unfaithful (2002)

*   White Palace (1990)

*    Wild at Heart (1990)

*   Wild Orchid (1989)

*   Wild Things (1998)

*   Y Tu Mamá También (2001, Mex./US) (aka And Your Mother Too)

*   Young & Beautiful (2013, Fr.) (aka Jeune & Jolie)

*  Zandalee (1991)

* Sexiest movies of all time * (part 2)

*  Gia (1998)

*  Henry & June (1990)

*  The Hot Spot (1990)

*  The Hunger (1983, UK)

*   In the Cut (2003)

*   Jamon, Jamon (1992, Sp.) (aka A Tale of Ham and Passion, or Ham, Ham)

*   Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996, India/UK)

*   Ken Park (2002)

*   Killing Me Softly (2002)

*   Lady Chatterley (2006, Fr.)

*   The Last Seduction (1994)

*    Last Tango in Paris (1972, Fr./It.) (aka Ultimo Tango a Parigi)

*    Lie with Me (2005, Canada)

*    Little Children (2006)

*    Lolita (1962, UK/US)

*    Lust, Caution (2007)

*    Mulholland Dr. (2001)

*   9 ½ Weeks (1986) (aka Nine ½ Weeks)

*   9 Songs (2004, UK)

*   An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

*   Open Your Eyes (1997, Sp./Fr./It.) (aka Abre Los Ojos)

*   Original Sin (2001)

*   The Piano (1993, NZ/Australia/Fr.)

*   The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

*   Quills (2000)

*   Risky Business (1983)


kobem's Profile Picture
Ozgun S.
►◙ Status : active[√] []
╚►◙ Sex : Male [√] []

╚►◙ Introduction :

I've stepped into this world NAKED! Thus, no one can deceive me with such moronic manners or rules which is being stated how getting covered is so sacred but being NAKED is a sin.

I personally admire fine art, mostly containing lovely women. I like to watch and follow such art. Such beauty of excellency.

►◙ What i am :

-Senior Engineer. [05.15.1984]
(Graduate Degree on ComputerScience)

►◙ which lang i do speak : German and English

►◙ My features :

- I am a Spiritual kinda human but NOT a RELIGIOUS one. Still Lonesome at nearly 31.
- gamersbook member(sickness84)
- Handsome GUY.
- I am indulged with any women who smell art, smell culture and bearing such well shaped, sleek bodies. They are naturally the art by themselves.
Women i adore : Kate Moss 'obviously', Heather Graham, Eva Green, Heidi Klum, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Momsen, nearly all gingers, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe as the last resort. Sia recently judging her incredible voice.

Physical features:
-1.80 in height, 57 kilos in weight
-Hobbies : DotA 2(exceeded two years), this website, Pinterest and Soundcloud. basketball, bowling, swimming, riding bike as well as car, playing cards and
-Music i listen to : Elastic Heart by Sia has become my current addiction. Nearly any genre but i am addicted to slower as well as soothing music.
Native singers/musicians : Candan ERcetin, Tarkan, Duman, Sila, Zulfu Livaneli...
Foreign singers/musicians : Sia,Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Taylor Momsen have become my current favorites. [E.Iglesias, Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd, Avril Lavigne, Bon Jovi,Shakira,Jessie J..)
- Love Triss Merigold ,getting wet under the rain - Loves to have alcohol but not have become obsessed(Red wine, beer, white wine..)

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