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     Date : -06.05.15-   
  • apply all the official patches first up to 1.04(including)
  • try to disable most settings via Nvidia Control Panel
  • set the power management of your notebook  to High Performance during gaming
  • apply the mod according to the settings stated in the video below Improve FPS on the Witcher 3

Every spring we suddenly get the urge to clean up a bit. We thought it would be the perfect time to tell you which spots you definitely don’t want to miss when it comes to cleaning up your PC.


If you’re the owner of one or more NVIDIA based graphics cards, you’ll be more than happy to install the latest driver versions that pop up regularly on your GeForce Experience software. But did you know that with every new driver version you download and install, the driver installation files are extracted to a temporary directory with a sub folder for each release and left there after installation?

But that’s not all, the GeForce Experience software has a built in library of files meant to be used if you want a driver roll-back. Every time you install a new driver version without checking the “perform a clean install” box, the files are added neatly to this library. Last but not least, GeForce Experience also keeps a copy of all drivers it has automatically downloaded in a separate directory


If like me, you’re using an SSD as your system drive, that could very well mean that you’re losing several GB’s of that valuable space to outdated driver installation files!

So how do you get rid of this data?

The answer is surprisingly simple. All you have to do is find these files and delete them! Removing these files is completely safe and will not in any way impact your graphics cards performance. Here is a step by step description to guide you through the process of finding and deleting these unnecessary installation files.

Step 1
First up is the location of the temporary files which are extracted for installation, which can be found at the following location:

bende c:\users\OzgunMSI\appdata\local\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver

You will find that each driver version as its own directory and contains the extracted installation files. Delete everything inside the DisplayDriver directory!

Step 2
One down, two to go. The second location is the GeForce Experience software download folder, which can be found at:

C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Netservice\

bende de ayni.

Step 3
The third and final location is that of the GeForce Experience software library, which can be found at

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2\

bende de ayni

There, that was a very easy way to win back some of your precious disk space.
Remember that each time you install an update for your GeForce driver, new files will be stored at exactly the same locations. It might be worth your while to repeat the above process every few months or when you find that you system disk is almost full.

Keep your rig clean & fast and JUST GAME!

And the installed files of the latest driver is kept here (DO NOT DELETE THIS!)

c:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService



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Ozgun S.
►◙ Status : active[√] []
╚►◙ Sex : Male [√] []

╚►◙ Introduction :

I've stepped into this world NAKED! Thus, no one can deceive me with such moronic manners or rules which is being stated how getting covered is so sacred but being NAKED is a sin.

I personally admire fine art, mostly containing lovely women. I like to watch and follow such art. Such beauty of excellency.

►◙ What i am :

-Senior Engineer. [05.15.1984]
(Graduate Degree on ComputerScience)

►◙ which lang i do speak : German and English

►◙ My features :

- I am a Spiritual kinda human but NOT a RELIGIOUS one. Still Lonesome at nearly 31.
- gamersbook member(sickness84)
- Handsome GUY.
- I am indulged with any women who smell art, smell culture and bearing such well shaped, sleek bodies. They are naturally the art by themselves.
Women i adore : Kate Moss 'obviously', Heather Graham, Eva Green, Heidi Klum, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Momsen, nearly all gingers, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe as the last resort. Sia recently judging her incredible voice.

Physical features:
-1.80 in height, 57 kilos in weight
-Hobbies : DotA 2(exceeded two years), this website, Pinterest and Soundcloud. basketball, bowling, swimming, riding bike as well as car, playing cards and
-Music i listen to : Elastic Heart by Sia has become my current addiction. Nearly any genre but i am addicted to slower as well as soothing music.
Native singers/musicians : Candan ERcetin, Tarkan, Duman, Sila, Zulfu Livaneli...
Foreign singers/musicians : Sia,Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Taylor Momsen have become my current favorites. [E.Iglesias, Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd, Avril Lavigne, Bon Jovi,Shakira,Jessie J..)
- Love Triss Merigold ,getting wet under the rain - Loves to have alcohol but not have become obsessed(Red wine, beer, white wine..)

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 In my opinion this place is more relieving even i have been stuck at Pinterest for a long time. In that duration, i have gained a little bit more popularity in Pinterest. 

 *Purchased a brand new IEM called Brainwavz M5. Probably the most cost-efficient IEM in that price range. (under 50 dollars)

 *Fell 4840 hours at DotA 2.

 * The Pretty Lovable board which i have launched at Pinterest has overcome 2k followers embodying over 15k pins inside.

  here it is

 * I have been addicted to songs of Sia. Elastic Heart sounds great as much as Chandelier.
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 I have been a little bit of a time away from here cos i have been stuck Pinterest for a couple of months. In the meantime, i have earned so much stuff via Pinterest and Soundcloud. Particularly in the case of artistic nude.
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