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On Pinterest

i've found a shortcut to sensual stuff : for that, pick "photography" from the options shown on the left side of your avatar on your account and then in order; choose portrait-photography, inspiring-photography,beauty photography and boudoir-photography. for the last, the link will look like this :…
From there the path leads to boudoir-photos and erotic. Things will be much sweeter i think.

How to launch WATCH_DOGS game properly (0xc0000142 error fix)

  1. Install the game RELOADED version

  2. Copy the original crack into C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/WATCH_DOGS/bin

  3. Install the Hotfix-RELOADED update but when prompted where to install, REMOVE the second WATCH_DOGS(which is on the right) given on the installation path

like this : C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/WATCH_DOGS/WATCH_DOGS

4) Copy the Hotfix crack into C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/WATCH_DOGS/bin

5) Launch the game via Watch_Dogs.exe found inside the same "bin" folder



I found a solution which worked for me!

The only thing you have to do is to "enable Windows sound loudness equalization". Türkçe Windows 8'de karşılığı GÜRÜLTÜ DENGELEME

I found the information there:…

Good luck! :D


c:\ProgramData\Orbit\274\RLD!\”savegamename”.sav (you have to type these all on the “Run” box. by hand cos normally you won't be able to display “ProgramData” folder.


  • Insert Disc 1, 2, 3 in order and complete the installation

  • Copy the Vtmb_1.MIR from Disc 3 of the game to anywhere on the PC

  • Mount Vtmb_1.MIR using Daemon Tools/Lite (This step must be done only to run the game without discs)

  • Find the game directory which is by default the Activision/Vampire-Bloodlines and find the vampire.exe

  • Right click on the vampire.exe and set compatibility to Win XP, SP3

  • Apply the patch for the game

  • Run the game using vampire.exe located on the game directory

  • If everything is ok and game has been launched, you will see new screen resolutions on the display menu

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kobem's Profile Picture
Ozgun S.
►◙ Status : active[√] []
╚►◙ Sex : Male [√] []

╚►◙ Introduction :

I've stepped into this world NAKED! Thus, no one can deceive me with such moronic manners or rules which is being stated how getting covered is so sacred but being NAKED is a sin.

I personally admire fine art, mostly containing lovely women. I like to watch and follow such art. Such beauty of excellency.

►◙ What i am :

-Senior Engineer. [05.15.1984]
(Graduate Degree on ComputerScience)

►◙ which lang i do speak : German and English

►◙ My features :

- I am a Spiritual kinda human but NOT a RELIGIOUS one. Still Lonesome at nearly 31.
- gamersbook member(sickness84)
- Handsome GUY.
- I am indulged with any women who smell art, smell culture and bearing such well shaped, sleek bodies. They are naturally the art by themselves.
Women i adore : Kate Moss 'obviously', Heather Graham, Eva Green, Heidi Klum, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Momsen, nearly all gingers, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe as the last resort. Sia recently judging her incredible voice.

Physical features:
-1.80 in height, 57 kilos in weight
-Hobbies : DotA 2(exceeded two years), this website, Pinterest and Soundcloud. basketball, bowling, swimming, riding bike as well as car, playing cards and
-Music i listen to : Elastic Heart by Sia has become my current addiction. Nearly any genre but i am addicted to slower as well as soothing music.
Native singers/musicians : Candan ERcetin, Tarkan, Duman, Sila, Zulfu Livaneli...
Foreign singers/musicians : Sia,Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Taylor Momsen have become my current favorites. [E.Iglesias, Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd, Avril Lavigne, Bon Jovi,Shakira,Jessie J..)
- Love Triss Merigold ,getting wet under the rain - Loves to have alcohol but not have become obsessed(Red wine, beer, white wine..)

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 *Fell 4840 hours at DotA 2.

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 * I have been addicted to songs of Sia. Elastic Heart sounds great as much as Chandelier.
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